City Clerk's Office

In Clearlake, the city clerk is an elected position. The elected clerk is responsible directly to voters. Many of the duties are mandated by the government code, including:
  • Administering elections
  • Being ultimately responsible for maintaining and authenticating all city records
  • Maintaining liability claims
  • Overseeing the city's adherence to legal requirements
  • Providing assistance to the City Council
The city clerk prepares council meeting agendas and minutes, gives notice of public hearings, updates the municipal code, and serves as the financial disclosure officer according to the Fair Political Practices Act. The city clerk also processes and tracks all bids and contracts.

Management Duties
As city clerk / administrative assistant, this position is a member of the management team and is responsible for a multitude of duties, including:
  • Administration of the city's Risk Management Program
  • Conducting and administering the city's recruitment and selection program
  • Developing, administering, and conducting city-wide training programs
  • Ensuring city compliance with applicable labor, benefit, medical, and safety laws and regulations
  • Maintaining personnel files
  • Processing worker's compensation claims
The city clerk is also a notary public. Notary services are available to the public for a fee with an appointment.

Since 2007, the city clerk has been a board director to the city’s joint power authority for insurance, the Public Agency Risk Sharing Authority of California (PARSAC). In 2012, the city clerk was appointed to the Executive Committee of PARSAC, which analyzes, researches, and develops programs and services for the PARSAC Board to consider. The city clerk organizes and facilitates use of the Clearlake Community Senior Center. The city clerk also oversees City Hall’s information technology needs, working with an independent consultant to ensure continued operations.

City Clerk Department Mission Statement
Ensure citizens’ trust in government by administering the city’s democratic processes such as open and free elections, safeguarding and providing access to City records, and ensuring that all legislative actions are transparent and known to the public; and providing information and services to support the City Council, staff, and the public.