October 12, 2017

Background:  The City of Clearlake received an application from Walmart on July 27, 2015, for the expansion and alteration of the existing Walmart store in Clearlake, California. The application involves a use permit, subject to approval by the Planning Commission. Initial review by the City determined that this project could potentially impact the environment so the City will be preparing an Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The City has contracted with Raney Planning and Management of Sacramento, to prepare the EIR. Walmart has deposited sufficient funding with the City to fully defray the City’s costs for processing the use permit application, including preparation of the EIR. 

Project Description: The proposed project would include the addition of approximately 38,741 square feet of building area to the north and west sides of the existing approximately 109,517-square foot store, increasing the total floor area to 148,258 square feet. The existing 5,777-square foot garden center and Tire and Lube Express, located along the southwest section of the building, would be removed and replaced with interior building area, and a new smaller garden center, containing approximately 3,000 square feet, would be added to the northeast portion of the building.

The expansion would include additional food and general merchandise sales floor area; food sales support area; stockroom/receiving area; ancillary space; food tenant space; a new grocery/merchandise pickup service; an additional entry and vestibule (for a total of two entry/vestibule areas); and a four-bay truck dock with one additional striped loading berth (for a total of five truck loading berths). 

Project Location and Setting: The proposed project site is located at 15960 Dam Road in Clearlake, Lake County, California. The project site is bound by College Access Road to the north, Dam Road Extension to the west, Dam Road to the south, and undeveloped land adjacent to Irving Avenue to the east. The project site consists of one parcel totaling approximately 12.97 acres, and is identified as Lake County Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) 010-050-28. The site is currently developed with a 109,517-square-foot (sf) Walmart store (including a 5,170-sf Tire and Lube Express and a 5,777-sf outdoor garden center), as well as surrounding parking, loading, and landscaped areas. Access to the site is currently from Dam Road via SR 53.

The proposed expansion areas to the north and west of the existing store are currently vacant and were previously filled, compacted, and graded for the original project construction. The Clearlake General Plan designates the overall Clearlake Shopping Center site as Commercial, and the site is zoned as Community Commercial (C-2), which permits retail trade and service uses. The southwest corner of the project site is within a Scenic Corridor (SC) overlay district.

Walmart Contact: Walmart Media Relations 800-331-0085 or

City Contact: Contract Planner, Gary Price, (530) 218-1059 or  

Notice of Availability:
Notice of Completion: The City of Clearlake, as Lead Agency, has completed a Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the Clearlake Walmart Center Expansion (proposed project). Below is the link to the Notice of Availability/Notice of Completion. The City welcomes public comments on this project and the DEIR (see Project Schedule below).

Project Schedule: The Draft Environmental Impact report (DEIR) was completed on March 16, 2017, and was circulated for a 45 day public comment period ending May 1, 2017. Also, the Final EIR, which consists of responses to comments received regarding the DEIR was completed on October 12, 2017 and has been circulated to those who provided comments. Copies of the Draft EIR and FEIR are available for review during normal business hours, at the City of Clearlake Planning Department, 14050 Olympic Drive, Clearlake, California except on specified holidays. The DEIR and FEIR are also available at the Redbud Public Library, 14785 Burns Valley Rd, Clearlake, CA. An electronic version can be downloaded as referenced at the bottom of this page.

Public Hearings: A public hearing on the Project before the Planning Commission has been tentatively ben scheduled for November 14, 2017, at 6:00pm in the City Council Chambers at the City Hall, 14050 Olympic Drive. A separate public hearing notice will be prepared and posted for this meeting.

Public Comments: Written comments may be submitted to the attention of Gary Price, City of Clearlake Planning Department, at the following: 

City of Clearlake Planning Department 
14050 Olympic Drive 
Clearlake, CA 95422 

California State Clearinghouse No.  SCH # 2015092042