The Clearlake Finance Department plans, directs, and coordinates the fiscal activities of the City of Clearlake in accordance with specific objectives established under the law or under generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) for governmental agencies. This includes:
  • Accounts and loans receivable, administering an collecting transient occupancy, business licenses, and sales taxes
  • Accounts payable, payroll and benefits, fixed assets, management of the city's financial accounting software, investments, and cash management
  • Budget, debt administration, cost, and revenue accounting
  • Grants
The department is also responsible for handling the financial and administrative work of the Redevelopment Successor Agency and working with the city's outside CPA firm on the annual audit and annual financial report.


Currently, the housing division is implementing a program available to citizens of Clearlake; the First Time Home buyer Down payment Assistance Program (HOME).

Department Mission

To assist the City Council, City Manager, and operating departments in prudently managing and protecting the assets of the City of Clearlake by providing accurate and timely budget information, high quality business planning, financial accounting services, assisting the city manager in the development and preparation of financial policies, and solving fiscal problems.