Commercial & Multifamily Services

Businesses and multifamily residential complexes that subscribe to curbside services are provided with carts or bins selected specifically for the site and may be collected weekly or multiple times each week. Recycling collection is included in the rate.

Waste Assessments
Waste assessments are provided at no charge to commercial and multifamily residential subscribers. A representative from Clearlake Waste Solutions will visit your site to assess your waste stream and determine whether more material can be recycled, which could result in a reduction in your trash bill. Call 888-718-4888 to make arrangements for a free waste assessment.

New State recycling regulations require that all businesses generating at least four cubic yards of garbage per week, and all multifamily complexes with at least five units must recycle. Call 888-718-4888 to order a recycling container or for more information about how the new regulations may affect you.