General Plan

City of Clearlake
General Plan 

The General Plan is a vision of the community’s development and serves as a blueprint for the future. It provides an overall assessment of the demographic, socioeconomic, ecological, and physical conditions, both past and present that characterize the City of Clearlake. These factors serve as a foundation for decision-making by identifying opportunities and constraints for growth and development, which has trickle-down impacts on the overall community system. 

The Plan incorporates seven State mandated elements ranging from transportation infrastructure and public utility systems to parks and recreation facilities. It also has several optional elements, such as economic development and Health. Information from the Plan feeds into a spectrum of short- and long-term planning goals that are associated with recommendations and action items of this Plan. 

This Plan is intended to not only influence how the City operates on a day-to-day basis, but also to provide a framework for planning the City’s future. This foundation helps guide community development in an environmentally and fiscally sustainable manner with respect to Clearlake’s identity, regional context, and historic tradition.

Adopted by the City Council by Resolution 2017-10, on February 23, 2017, the General Plan consists of the following documents: 

1. General Plan (primary document that incorporates the City’s policies and  
2. General Plan Background Report
3. General Plan Environmental Impact Report

The City welcomes your comments on the General Plan and would like to receive your comments by e-mail at

Related General Plan documents are available for download below: