Zoning Code Update-Design Review Manual

Zoning Code Update and Design Review Manual Status Report

November 20, 2018

Background:  The City of Clearlake is embarking upon a process to update its Zoning Code and develop a Design Review Manual. The Zoning Code consists of regulations that address land use and development within the City. The Zoning Code looks at most new development/land uses and, in association with the General Plan, is the basic framework for future community development. It also is provides for the legal connection for establishing design standards that are found in the Design Review Manual. The Design Review Manual, a companion document to the General Plan and Zoning Code, will incorporate development standards and guidelines that provide designers, development interests and the public with a framework of the City’s design expectations for new development, remodeling of existing building and development and signs. The Manual will embody the City’s vision of good design and provide direction on building architecture for improved community aesthetics, appropriate siting of buildings and parking on properties for improved functionality with the community, circulation of vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles, and other design details to help create a visual identity that is unique and fitting for the City of Clearlake.

Community Image Survey:    A public workshop and Joint Meeting of the City Council and Planning Commission was conducted on June 30, 2015. A Community Image Survey was conducted during the workshop which consisted of displaying various images of buildings, signs and other urban forms and having participants rank the images ranging from 0 to 10 as positive and negative 0 and -10 for less desirable appearances. The images were taken from areas inside and outside Clearlake and other rural areas in California. A summary of the results is referenced in the Survey Results document. Survey results can be reviewed by clicking the links below.

Survey results will help the City in developing the Design Review Manual to articulate what community expectations are for desirable design features in the development of new buildings, parking lots, signs and other urban features to best meet the community’s vision. 

Steering Committee and Public Meetings: The City Council appointed six people, two from the City Planning Commission, one from the City Council and three other community representatives, to provide general guidance in the drafting of the City’s Zoning Code Update and Design Review Manual.  The Steering Committee is anticipated to meet between four and six times over the course of a year at 6 pm on Tuesdays or around the schedules of the Community Voting Members. Anyone is welcome to attend these meetings. The third meeting is scheduled for 6:00 pm, November 27, 2018, in the Council Chambers, City Hall 14050 Olympic Drive, Clearlake, CA  95422. The meeting agenda and package has been posted on this website.

Comments/Input: As the City moves forward through this process, the City welcomes comments and input to help us better understand the community’s needs. Please send your input or comments to:

                                    City of Clearlake Planning Department

                                    14050 Olympic Drive

                                    Clearlake, CA 95422


City Contact:                          Contract Planner, Gary Price, (530) 218-1059 or gary@plannerprice.com