Why a Strategic Plan?

The City of Clearlake, like most organizations, desires to effectively utilize its limited resources to implement its Vision. Clearlake can do this by defining its goals and objectives and then aligning the resources of the City to achieve those Goals and objectives.

Clearlake in the past has utilized a very informal process to plan its work. The disadvantage of an informal process is that it is easy to lose track of progress toward the goals. It becomes too easy to add additional goals, or, ignore goals as conditions change. When this happens the alignment of resources and goals frequently become mismatched. This mismatch can cause inadequate resources to be allocated to a priority area, or, too many resources to be allocated to an objective which may not be considered critical in the long run.

A Strategic Plan is intended to clearly define the goals and objectives for the City as a whole and align the resources to meet those goals and objectives. This requires discussion and agreement by all the stakeholder’s that the Vision, Goals, and Objectives are appropriate. If appropriate then management is charged with the responsibility for implementation.

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