My property was vandalized / my car was broken into; how do I make a report?
Citizens who are victims of certain crimes can complete a citizen incident reports. Often, your insurance company will require a police report to honor a claim. If you cannot provide a suspect in a crime, a citizen incident report will usually satisfy this requirement. Car vandalism or break-ins, property vandalism, and lost property are types of crimes that must be reported via a citizen incident report. Please contact the departments business line at 707-994-8251 and press 2 to obtain a citizen incident report. They can also be picked up at the police department.

If you are the victim of identity theft, stolen checks, or fraud, an officer must take a report. Contact the business line to have an officer dispatched to take the report or go directly to the police department. Fraud and identity theft crimes require documentation from your financial institution.

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4. My property was vandalized / my car was broken into; how do I make a report?
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